Maximizing Kingdom Impact Program (M-KIP)

This is a program whose mission is to EQUIP it's Target Group (mainly Christian ministers) with efficient, custom-made Tools/Skills for Maximizing their kingdom influence and impact through publishing, distribution and sale of books and messages. This program aims to help our clients to reach more people with published materials while at the same time giving an ideal platform to raise financial resources for their kingdom business assignment.

MKIP’s Uniqueness
  1. M-KIP program has been designed to help ministers with testimonies, teachings and messages who may not be able to write. With M-KIP, you don’t have to be a writer for you to be an author. The program has well prepared schedules for recording and transcribing testimonies, teachings and messages into books.
  2. M-KIPs uses a unique business model designed to help its clients maximize financial return and profits from the sale of their books and published materials.
Target Group

Gospel Ministers, Teachers, Business, Published authors, Non-published authors, Aspiring authors, Public Speakers and others.

The Goals of the Program are:
  1. Turning your Story* (Narrated Testimonies) and Messages (recorded teachings) into Quality, Internationally Published Book.
  2. Maximizing your Ministry Finances through the M-KIP Resource Maximization Strategy.
  3. Increasing your Kingdom (ministry) Impact by increasing Outreach Network through promoting and supporting the launch and distribution of your published materials.
Benefits of M-KIP Program
  1. 100% Guaranteed Customer Service
  2. Quality Services
  3. Professional Consulting
  4. Extra Client Support Services such as book promotion, support with book launch, Tours and Media appearance for book reviews and interviews.